The 5 trendy shoes for Spring/Summer 2023

14 April 2023

The 5 trendy shoes for Spring / Summer 2023 to shop second hand.

As you know, fashion is an eternal restart. That’s why buying second hand instead of new is a good plan. The advantages: a unique style, a reasonable budget and it’s good for the planet and therefore for us. So every season we share the shoe styles that are back on the catwalk and in the streets.

Before talking about models, focus on colors. The colors are in the spotlight. So let go: green, pink, red, blue! In short, pop! And don’t forget gold, the color of summer. It’s time to shine! And this year in particular we will see more silver shoes, metallic leather…

For the models, let’s start with the slingbacks.

  1. Slingbacks, one of the 5 trendy shoe styles

We love the retro feel of the slingbacks, inherited from the original Chanel model. The slingback is perfect to start the season and free your feet.

Vintage slingbacks models with contrasting toe or silver color models. Discover the whole selection  here.


  1. Ballerinas and Mary Jane / babies

We no longer present them, they are part of the essentials. The ballet flats with round or pointed toe, with laces to dress the ankle.

For the babies, varnished or colored, worn with socks for a preppy look, or barefoot they always make their effect.

  1. Clogs and mules

The clogs started to make a comeback two years ago. But this time all brands offer them in their collection. We love the Swedish brand Swedish Hasbeens which works with natural materials. We select clogs in second hand from the brand   Swedish Hasbeens for several seasons now.

This year the mule is back in force: the mule with medium heels or block heels, the mule closed at the front like this Gucci model or open. The mule is emblematic of the Y2K phenomenon. Y2K refers to the fashion of the 2000s. The mule is not the only model borrowed from the 2000s, the wedges also.

  1. The sandals

Big crush for the sandals easy to wear all day. Go for red, gold or silver with block heels. If you prefer flat, look for jewel sandals. You can wear them with jean shorts during the day and in the evening with a bohemian dress for a more chic look. Otherwise, the espadrille-style wedge sandal has a place of choice in the summer wardrobe.

  1. Loafers, ankle boots and boots

Spring is the perfect time to wear bare leg boots with mini skirts or long flowing dresses for a more bohemian style. The vintage santiag or the short version for a folk look. The other option: les bottes blanches un peu slush.

Finally the moccasin, a classic: it’s the new sneaker. Classic penny loafer, bicolor or leopard print, you can pair them with a pair of jeans and a vintage blazer for an effortless chic style.