Story and engagement

We want to do our part.

Fashion is the one of the most polluting industries, and shoes are responsible for 1/5 of that waste! With AtelierFH we work to:

Because we want to minimize waste, we don’t stop there: all packaging and display units are made from recycled materials.

Our expertise

We select timeless and trendy shoes for our talented shoemakers to recondition.

From disinfecting to repairing – whether it is stitching a seam or replacing the soles or heels –  they use their savoir faire to make the shoes look new again.

By increasing the longevity of shoes we can avoid the production of new shoes and in return reduce waste.

Each pair of shoes has its own story.

Our engagement

 1 👡 = 📚

In addition to making a positive economic and environmental impact, it is important to AtelierFH to have a social impact, as well.

This is why we donate a % of our sales to organizations we support, such as Momentum. They are supporting education in isolated villages in Rwanda and female empowerment). They are also working with a local association to develop a sewing center for young girls who left school.

Behind AtelierFH

The founder of AtelierFH, is a Parisian living in Zurich and an advocate of sustainability and diversity.

“I have been a fan of second-hand fashion since I was a teenager. For me, it is like a treasure hunt😊, and I love that each piece has a story.

Buying differently, repairing instead of throwing out, and sharing are new habits we should all try to adopt. Step by step we can make an impact and we can all be part of the change: fashion for good.”

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