Zoom on the brand Bally

20 October 2022

Zoom on the brand Bally
Bally shoes would definitely be on many shoes lover’s wish list. People know their shoes since a very long time for the quality and their unique style.

At the beginning
Franz Bally has founded the brand Bally 171 years ago in 1851 in Schönenwerd, Switzerland. The whole story simply started when Franz traveled to Paris. He got inspired by a pair of boots he bought to his wife. After this trip, despite his family business background in silk ribbon manufacturer, Mr. Bally, was determined to draw his own path in shoes making business. He has started with a workshop in his family’s basement with his brother. The company has started with a few craftsmen. Then, to increase the productivity, the brand developed their operation by supplying the specialized machinery into their manufacturing. With the Bally’s vision in the finest leather, innovative, craftmanship and creativity for functional and modern shoes, the brand stated to be more and more famous with the international reputation. During the 70’s, Bally expanded their business in many major cities in the world such as Paris, Genev and London. At the same time, the brand turned Mr. Bally’ hometown, Schönenwerd, into the company town. They used to employ 500 craftsmen in order to supply the international’s demand. Later In 1976, the company extended their product line into bags and ready-to-ware products.

Their development
In 1999, Bally decided to move the manufacturing operation and headquarter from  Schönenwerd to a southern of Switzerland, Caslano, where they are continuing their Swiss heritage. And later in 2008, JAB holding company has acquired Bally. They own the luxury shoes brand, Jimmy Choo too.
The old manufacturing site in Schönenwerd is now a museum dedicated to Bally history.

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Pictures credit: Pinterest