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your closet carbon impact

What is your Closet Carbon Impact? Take a quizz

9 July 2021

What is your closet carbon impact?

It is no longer a secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting. But how do we know our own individual closet carbon impact?

There are various online tools to help us calculate our CO2 impact.

However, they are quite generic. I discovered one from Thred up, an American company, built with Green story. This tool focuses solely on our wardrobe.

It asks a series of twelve questions about how we shop, how we clean our clothes, how we care for them, etc… It also gives tips at the end on how to reduce our footprint and adopt more sustainable habits. For example, if you have a wedding and we are in the middle of the season why not rent a dress instead of buying a new one as you may only wear it once.

For shoes, it may be difficult for you to rent them, but you can buy them second hand. Check out AtelierFH’s offer, all our shoes are cleaned and restored to ensure that the shoes are as good as new.

While businesses need to take action to make a positive impact on the planet for good, consumers also have their part to play. By reducing, reusing, buying from sustainable brands, the customer has an impact.

Take the quiz and find out how you can continue to improve?

We are not here to make you feel guilty. Our aim is to share what we know so that you can make conscious choices. When we know how our choices impact the planet and people, we can make better choices.

Ready? Discover Thred up quizz and have some fun.

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