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the 9 trending vintage pieces

The top 9 Trending Vintage Pieces

28 October 2021

The top 9 trending vintage pieces for this Autumn/Winter 2021

T H E  U L T I M A T E  G U I D E  F O R  S H O P P I N G  V I N T A G E  F A S H I O N

Second hand fashion is growing. This is good news for the planet and
our style. We often receive questions: what can I find and where to find some nice
vintage clothes in second hand?

We know sometimes it can be overwhelming to enter a thrift store or even you may be put off by the smell.

We understand. This is why we have written a guide.

This guide will help you to identify the right pieces in your grandmother closet or in our preferred shops this Autumn/Winter 2021.

Vintage is a new way to dress, this is a mindset. Mix vintage pieces with some of your clothes for a unique style.

What are the top 9 trending vintage pieces? When it comes to shoes, the loafers with heels are coming back. Few luxury brands have reedited some models. We prefer them vintage like this pair of beautiful Celine heeled loafers. They are so unique.

For the rest, check our guide. To receive our guide “the top vintage pieces for this Autumn/Winter 2021″for FREE, click here.

Vintage is beautiful.