Celebrating second hand day

Celebrating Second Hand Day

21 October 2020

Celebrating Second Hand Day and Pre-opening of AtelierFH in September 2020.

We were pleased to celebrate the pre-opening of AtelierFH on the occasion of the national second hand day. This is the first time in Switzerland that we celebrate Second Hand Day (https://www.secondhandday.ch).
Second hand day aims at promoting all the initiatives giving a second life to products, and create more awareness.

According to Ricardo.ch, only 2% of products are sold in secondhand. This national day’s objective is to inspire more people to buy and consume differently: reduce, repair, recycle, repurpose.

We have organized a pop up at Atelier Zevaco in Oerlikon on this occasion to present our new concept of second hand shoes.

1,18 millions of tons of leather are ending in the landfill every year. This is why we thought about a solution to manage the end of life of shoes in leather. We work with shoemakers to restore shoes from inside out. The shoes are like new.

During the preopening of AtelierFH, clients have been able to see in exclusivity part of the collection and the work done by the artisans.
We were thrilled by the positive welcome.

We are proud to have contributed to save 1458 tonnes of CO2 emission during this event. And this is not finished!

It was a very cozy event. We hope to organize more pop ups in Switzerland as soon as we can. Let us know where you would like to meet us: Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Bern?

In the meantime all our shoes are now available online: https://www.atelierfh.com/shop/our-shoes/

Buy less, buy better, join the movement!

Stay safe and let’s make second hand the new way! 💕