Receive your advent calendar for FREE

26 November 2022

Receive your advent calendar for FREE.

Only a few days until the AtelierFH advent calendar begins…

Christmas is upcoming.  You might already experience the tree decoration and lightning in the streets. The joyful and celebrating atmosphere is all around.

Speaking of this magic moment, the advent calendar is one of the top activities that all kids and adults can enjoy and be patient until the arrival of the Christmas day.

Do you know how and when the advent calendar has started?  

The word “advent” finds its roots from Latin word “adventus”. This means “coming” or “arrival” which usually is used for the beginning of the church year. The advent calendar has started in Germany in the early of 19th century. The initiative to mark the days until Christmas by simply burning a candle or drawing a line.

Later in 1902, Gerhard Lang created the first commercial advent calendar with the design of little doors for each day with canceled picture inside. He was selling the advent calendars in his bookstore before the concept was spread over the world as a must festive item for this countdown occasion. In the present time, many brands offer advent calendar as one of their seasonal products, from chocolate to skincare and cosmetic, for various type of customers.

But this year, for the first time, AtelierFH will offer you an advent calendar.

You don’t need to buy anything. It is FOR FREE. It’s a gift from our heart to you. It will be a digital version: 1 mail, 1 box to open daily directly in your inbox. During this festive moment, we will spoil you with surprises. You will find tips as well to prepare yourself for upcoming holidays. We want to inspire you for a sustainable and conscious lifestyle during this shopping period.

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With love,

AtelierFH team