In the shoes of Tamara

2 June 2023

In the shoes of Tamara

For this third portrait, we met Tamara. The advantage of AtelierFH being a human-sized company is that it can develop privileged relationships with its customers.

Tamara is Swiss and lives in Geneva. I met Tamara because she launched a women’s network, Women LIft Up. It’s not a network for women in tech, or women entrepreneurs, or women executives. It’s simply a network of women and for women with personal and/or professional projects. Women who meet in a caring, non-judgmental space. There’s something special about this space, this network. This network is just like Tamara, it has that je ne sais quoi.

Multitalented, she’s a mom, a friend, a lawyer, a coach, a network founder and a podcaster. Society puts us in boxes and suggests a path. But Tamara shows us that other paths are possible.  What drives her in her different roles: sharing, learning from each other, curiosity, curiosity about others. She loves giving visibility the women in her network. She puts collective intelligence at the heart of her network.

Sustainability is part of her values, part of her approach. So when I launched AtelierFH, she was one of my very first customers. And she’s been loyal ever since. She now has the reflex to turn to second-hand when she needs shoes.  She’s not much of a shopper, she’ll buy when she feels like it and if she needs to.

We asked her a few question


What’s your relationship with fashion?

In fashion, I like harmony and originality. And I usually add a touch of originality to my shoes. I love beautiful shoes. I think they really make a difference to an outfit.

What convinced you to buy from AtelierFH?

Shoe selection and circularity.

Have you changed the way you buy clothes/shoes?

Yes, I’m trying to get into second-hand and AtelierFH was the trigger. I saw that you could get second-hand shoes that were as good as new and, above all, very trendy! Today, whenever I need a pair of shoes, I always look at AtelierFH, because I know I can find what I’m looking for.

How would you define AtelierFH?

The online store for second-hand shoes.I really like the selection of shoes and the quality of the shoes delivered.