In love with Céline

28 September 2022

In love we Céline…

This is the story about a French famous house whose started its history from the made-to-measure children’s shoe shop, Céline.

The beginning

In 1945, Céline Vipiana and her husband, Richard, created the brand Céline. They have opened their first posh children’s shoe boutique at 52 Rue Malte, Paris. Because of the recognition in their unique design and quality, Céline decided to reposition the brand to women clothing. A few years later, Céline decided to expand their product line to women’s shoes, fragrance and accessories.

In the early days, Céline with the Parisian cartoonist, Raymond Peynet, designed a red elephant as their brand logo. However, in 1973, the brand redesigned and introduced the intertwined double “C” logo. The logo is inspired from the Arc-de-Triomphe, one of Paris’s symbols.

The international expansion

Céline began to expand internationally: contemporary feminine, minimalistic with neutral-color palette but chic and aesthetic.

With the success at the international level, in 1996, Céline officially became a part of French luxury conglomerate group, LVMH. Despite the changing of the owner, Céline Vipiana, the founder, stayed as a creative director for the brand until she died at the age of 84. Later, under Céline first appointed creative designer, Michael Kors, the brand achieved another level of success by gaining the recognition for their ready-to-wear collection. And until today, with their history, legacy and savoir-faire, Céline still continues to remain as one of the top luxury houses with their ‘forever’ design and trusted quality.

In love with Céline

This is one of the reasons why we, AtelierFH, love Céline. We have curated several models from the brand such as the iconic Céline heels loafers from the 70s/ 80s circa. You can find the famous triomphe logo. We love the Céline riding boots, timeless style and made to last. These unique pairs are now available exclusively at our Pop-up store at the Printemps Haussmann Paris (7eme floor, Women building) from now until 9th November.


Credit photo: pinterest and AtelierFH