Personal image coaching

Personal Image Coaching and sustainable fashion

18 March 2021

How does personal image coaching contribute to driving change in fashion consumption?

To answer this question I have discussed with Nadia De Col, a personal image coach based in Geneva.

Nadia spent twenty years in the banking industry, holding leadership positions and has been trained in Paris and Milan in fashion and style coaching. She has founded few years ago her company, Style Strategy by Nadia De Col.

Nadia’s purpose is to put human and well-being at the core of her business. Her goal is to “bring out the best in each person, increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem.”

During the interview we talked about people, well-being, and how she is helping her clients to feel good, empower their individuality and align their image with their personality and aspirations.

So what is the link with our wardrobe?

When you know yourself better meaning knowing what image you are projecting, understand what colors, cuts, style suit you, you will make  less mistakes when you are shopping.

When Nadia explained to me what she is doing, we didn’t talk so much about fashion but about human connection. It is about people, understand how her clients feel, understand why they dress the way they dress. This first analysis phase is important for Nadia to be able to help and share the right tools that her clients will use for the rest of their life.

According to Fashion Revolution we only wear 60% of our wardrobe in Switzerland. When we know that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of CO2 emissions, we understand how consuming fashion differently can really drive change.

What could we do? We could buy less, buy second hand clothes and shoes, buy from sustainable brands. Yes but we should buy better! This is how Nadia is helping her clients.

Better knowing you in terms of image means better knowing you: what color make you radiant, what cuts suit you and what is your style DNA?

Do you remember this trend of low rise pair of jeans? Maybe you were trying to find ones?

And after sometimes you realized that none of these pair of jeans really fit you.

Why? Simply this cut is not yours.

So why following the trend when it is not your shape and finally have pieces in your wardrobe that you don’t wear?

When we know that the production of one pair of jeans requires 10000 liters – equivalent of 285 showers- we can see immediately why choosing the right piece is impactful.

When you are self-aware of what is best for you, not only will you feel joyful and confident but also “ your wardrobe will be more efficient”. And the planet and your wallet will thank you😊

As Vivienne Westwood said it, “buy less, choose well ».