Happy Monday interview

4 October 2021

Happy Monday, an online magazine.

“AtelierFH encourages slow fashion and sustainability”

“The Founder advocates for sustainability and slow fashion.  In this interview, she explains how co-founding a nonprofit in Rwanda gave her the courage to start her own business”.

This was our first interview with a blog at the beginning of AtelierFH.  You will learn here why the founder Sheherazade LESUEUR started her own business, her why and mission.

She believes that adoptinf a sustainable lifestyle can take time. It is a change of our own habits. This is why she would like to inspire everyone to take pleasure in buying less and buying second hand. To be conscious of what we wear, what we consume and how we consume. We should be educated, informed before we buy. When we know the material uses, its impact, where its coming from and who made our clothes, we can make a conscious choice.

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t need to be boring.

You can read the full interview here.