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“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”

7 March 2022

“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” is a theme of this IWD (International woman day). It is taking place on March, 8th 2022.

People and planet are definitely linked. They are at the core of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. We need gender equality for a sustainable future. Social Justice is key to solve climate change.

AtelierFH is not only advocating for less waste and less CO2. We are also advocating for more equality: we donate 2 CHF to for each pair of shoes sold Momentum.

Momentum is a Swiss non profit organization advocating for Education for all and Gender Equality. They support 2 projects in some villages in Rwanda. One of the project is “Sewing new futures”: Momentum is working with the local community to help a group of 90 young women. These young women got pregnant and had to leave school. If you want to know more about their story, we invite you to visit Momentum website.

This year we want to do more and celebrate all the girls from the sewing center.

They created a Dustbag for our shoes. Each time you purchase a pair of second hand shoes at AtelierFH, you can purchase this pouch. All the benefits will go to the girls.

And if you don’t find a treasure but you would like to support the girls, you can make a donation directly to Momentum. Here is the link. Then you will receive a shoe pouch.

(shipping is only available in Europe).