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The Best Second Hand and Vintage places in Zurich?

21 December 2020

The  Best Second Hand and vintage places in the city by a Parisian living in Zurich.

I love hunting, searching through piles of clothes looking for the right piece and the best deal.

I like fashion.

When I was a student it was the best way to dress with my little pocket money. I loved going to Guerisol, a thrift store and to the famous Saint Ouen flea market at the doors of Paris. Moreover when I was in high school my style was very 70’s, bootcut velvet trousers, suede jacket…

Growing up I wanted to buy more new clothes, at that time second hand was not so trendy. And as a young girl of 18/19 years old I also liked to buy new clothes. I also loved to wear my grandfather’s woolen coat. As it was a bit large for me I remember layering it inside with a vintage aviator leather jacket bought at the St Ouen flea market. I can still picture myself in this coat and leather jacket.

As an adult, I continued to borrow clothes from my family especially from my aunt. She used to work as a seamstress at Christian (not CD😊 another one), a local atelier in the 9th arrondissement. I recall the place and the leather pieces that were there. My aunt was very elegant. I can remember her shoes, in particular this pair of glossy red pump or this taupe / grey ankle boots in smooth leather. As I grew up she gave me a super nice leather skirt and burgundy leather pants. I continue to wear them 20 years later. The quality of the leather is incredible.

My selection of second hand shops in Zürich and vintage stores in Zürich

When I arrived in Zurich 8 years ago, I was a bit disappointed by the choice of clothing shops: again H&M, Zara… So I started looking for vintage shops. The first place I found myself was the Bürkliplatz flea market: it is not really what I was expecting in terms of price although you can sometimes get a good deal there. Since then I discovered more second hand shops & vintage stores in Zürich whether for clothes or furniture.

I am happy to share my favorite second hand shops, vintage stores in the city of Zurich. Let me know yours😊

  • New New at Schaffhauserplatz: the New News Zürich has a great selection of clothes, for men, women and kids and even few home accessories
  • I also like bric a brac, the ones I love to visit are: Emmaus in Dübendorf, Heilsarmee Brocki  at Frau Gerold, Zürcher Brockenhaus near HB
  • Martha Flöhmarkt near Langstrasse: great concept. It is not a consignment store. Anyone can rent a rack or a shelf and sell their stuff for a period of one day to several weeks. So you can find different styles at different prices from second fast vintage to designer pieces. They recently opened another shop around Sihlcity.
  • Kleihd by Sharealook is a multi-concept space. If they have second-hand, I like their clothes rental. Get access to beautiful dresses without owning them for a special occasion.  And it is quite new, you can also swap clothes: give 5 pieces and take 5 pieces.
  • Maroni vintage for their high end vintage and designer piece on Badenerstrasse
  • In the same street of Maroni, you can find la Chemiserie: you will have men and women clothes. Prices are great, a selection of vintage and second hand pieces.
  • Blenda 2 for their vintage and 80’s selection in the oldtown

For those who have kids, I discovered recently Ingrid&Emil, it is an online shop in Switzerland for second hand.

I don’t want to push you to go shopping. The most sustainable clothes are the ones in your wardrobe😊 but visiting these places is also an interesting activity.

You can check out events around you using Facebook for private garage sales.

As a Parisian, I can only suggest on your next visit to Paris to include vintage stores in your cultural visits.  I have recently written a Vintage Guide where you can find few addresses in Paris too. You will find as well online second hand shops in Switzerland.

And you, what other vintage / second hand shops, Brocki do you recommend?

S. from Atelierfh